No. Of Subscribers

Circa 18

Total views

Circa 6,000

Zeldagamer9 was pooper who preferred to use different sources. He also liked Sony Vegas, but due to a crash has resorted to Movie Maker for now. He is known for make Youtube Poops of Dragon Ball, Zelda and other more like Michael Rosen. He also likes (obviously) Zelda games and also makes Zelda poops in his channel.

Despite his number of YTP's, has had very poorly popularity, just gaining maximum ten subscribers.


  • Good poops
  • Dinner
  • Zelda
  • YouTube Poops


  • Having to use movie maker
  • No views
  • People annoying him

List of YTPEdit

These poops are listed in chronological order.

  • Vegeta's toaster has a seizure
  • Vegeta is betrayed by his toaster
  • Welcome to the Hotel Mario
  • Triforce of Dinner Part 1
  • Triforce of Dinner Part 2
  • Triforce of Dinner Part 3
  • Triforce of Dinner Part 4
  • Triforce of Dinner The Movie
  • The Shopkeep
  • Luigi gets a letter from the Enclosed Instruction Book
  • Faces of Evil: Second Quest
  • The King gets Goldeneye
  • Mama Luigi hijacks his own story
  • Michael Rosen destroys Harrybo
  • Michael Rosen says NO for 5 minutes
  • Michael has a Rosen
  • Michael Rosen devours nuclear radiation
  • VAHJ33T@H 1S B33TR@Y3D B13 H1S T0@ST@H
  • Michael Rosen explains how to have sex
  • Michael Rosen talks poop
  • King Harkinian relapses into his dinner addiction
  • King Harkinian escapes rehab with Gwonam
  • Gwonam eats the map
  • Cum Dumpster-interactive
  • Mario dies eating nuclear semen
  • The Perfect Dark Cumspiracy
  • Triforce of Triforce part -1

Other Stuff:Edit

Youtube Poop Faces of Evil Second Quest03:27

Youtube Poop Faces of Evil Second Quest

One of his poops

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