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  • discussion page Talk:Weegee
    new comment by Austinsoevil 1 hour ago
    Comment: Why do you say that? He is a good meme.
  • discussion page Belly button YTP
    created by Weegee Littner 3 hours ago
    Weegee Littner

    Weegee Littner

    02:11 YTP Wubbut 4 dunner Hope you`ll enjoy it.Also, make sure to spot the Easter Eggs in the video. 

    Added video:
  • discussion page Talk:Rog
    new comment by AwesomeSeaCucumber 3 hours ago
    Comment: Sentence mixing, mate. The possibilities are infinite. Besides, Michael Rosen poops aren't funny anymore.
  • categorization Mark Sabine
    edited by Massivefan 4 hours ago diff
    Added category: Smart
  • discussion page Talk:Rog
    new comment by Massivefan 4 hours ago
    Comment: i don't really get what you poopers once saw in rog he doesn't really do al lot other than stand and talk infront of 1 camera hes notlike Michael...
  • discussion page Talk:Gumball Watterson
    new comment by ASDFRed 4 hours ago
    Comment: here is one funny on destiny ytp  05:01 just watch it it so funny for now if you want to add destiny charaticer on ytp wiki for now
    Added video:
  • discussion page Talk:Gumball Watterson
    new comment by ASDFRed 5 hours ago
    Comment: that why destiny ytp is here on you tube for now
  • discussion page Talk:CopperCab
    new comment by ASDFRed 5 hours ago
    Comment: Maybe CopperCabs was the anti brony member if he was sign up for anti brony champion member for the commando to accept to comfirmed lauren faust her...
  • discussion page Talk:Mr. Orangutan Who Gives You The Middle Finger
    new comment by ASDFRed 5 hours ago
    Comment: maybe he hate MLP and lauren faust that why he flips his middle finger to bronys and lauren faust that is why
  • edit User:ASDFRed
    edited by ASDFRed 5 hours ago diff
    Summary: Favorite YTPs:


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  • The term "YouTube Poop" was not coined until the rise of YouChew, years after the first YTP was made.
  • According to an extensive research documenting 102 YTPs done by Adam8912, the average YTP is about 5:01 long.
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Mama Luigi

Luigi (born September 13, 1966 age 48), known to himself as Mama Luigi, is the brother of Mario. He is notorious for his highly unstable personality, which leads him to do many outlandish things, most notably his name change. He is also known for making Hotel Mario, which was a critical disaster and box office bomb.

He is voiced by Tony Rosato.

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