"Stuart k Reilly is an elitist lost in 2010 Skunk Fucking Redneck Furfag

who makes Vegas poops full of rape, unfunny jokes and furry shit.

He also hosts a SHOW. yes people an actual show about Youtube Poop he calls Youtube Poop NEWS where he rants on and on about how he hates walrusguy and cdi and never actually covers any actual news. "
– Even Chewiki knows it

Template:Infobox televisionYouTube Poop News is a series on YouTube that can loosely be considered a Poop. The creator, Stuart K Reilly whose real name is Larry(link), takes a mind numbing half hour to tell you all about the vast and majestic world of YouTube Poop with his yifftastic fursona, Sabrina Skunk. Like a typical Pooper, he just spews out biased and opinionated nonsense that sounds like nothing other than the language of fanboy.


In YTPnews Stu's face is never actually seen so unfortunately you have stare at a cartoon news studio he's created with characters such as Sabrina reading out the news. Luckily he does cover things such as the Michael Rosen poops.  He also makes fun of how Brits pronounce YouTube, the racist. Videos he has made, excuse me I mean news episodes include "Top Ten Most Iconic Youtube Poop Sources" in which he has missed out "Thomas the Tank Engine" as that is a very largely used source, especially the first season.

Return to the news anchor Edit

Stuart K Reilly returns to YouTube Poop News joined news anchor on November 28, 2016

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