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YouTube is the place where nearly all YouTube Poops are uploaded, hence the name. Although it seems friendly, it has a darker side, which was created when Google bought YouTube, and when a floating head known as mario head began annoying us all the timeThe website is also controversial for other reasons (such as YouTube 2.0), but it's home.

What They Can Give YouEdit

An ode to a nice woman I like (I really like her a lot!)22:29

An ode to a nice woman I like (I really like her a lot!)

Cringeiest Video ever

Basically, space to upload your creative movies (in this case, YouTube Poop). Well, until mario head comes around, claims typist and then annoys you Others might merely mute the sound, ruining the experience (like viacom and warner musicgroup who does this when they realize that a video contains some of their audio). There's always Dailymotion...

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