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Yee is an onomatopoeia taken from a video featuring an animated dinosaur named Peek singing a small jingle, only to be interrupted at the end by another dinosaur called Oro shouting "Yee". Oro's cousin is Barney The Dinosaur and his brother is Yoshi.

They lived first on Yoshi Island, until both got banned because for being Dingo Pictures Characters. Oro doesn't care about his cousin, Barney at all. He originally started to hate his cousin when Barney became a rapist. Anyway, they currently live in Austripoff with the other knockoffs.


The Original Yee Video

Crankthatfrank has made a t-shirt showing off the value of Yee


  • In the English localization, Yee was renamed to "Peek".
  • Yee is one of Youtube's most Important Videos.
  • Oro is a digimon.