A YTPMV is a YouTube Poop that has the intention of being musical.  It is similar to a normal YTP, but the sources are mainly manipulated to be completely in tune with the music playing.


While most YTPMVs are simply 1 music video with little or no extra content at the beginning or end, occasionally, a miniature YTPMV is found inside a regular YTP, such as in Youtube Poop: Here's an Eye, but that type is much more rare.

An even rarer type is a YTPMV that has been remixed further to create new tunes that a unique but still reminiscent of the original music.


Osmium Stutter Bomb05:43

Osmium Stutter Bomb

This video contains a few Remixed YTPMVs

YTPMV The Bianco Hills Song Song02:47

YTPMV The Bianco Hills Song Song

SquareBob SpongeMix Pogo02:45

SquareBob SpongeMix Pogo

A primitive YTPMV that has little pitch shifting or other techniques and is more of a compilation of sounds set to music

Soldiers of Dawn (fixed pitch)01:11

Soldiers of Dawn (fixed pitch)

A more modern YTPMV with a variety of sourses

Commonly Used YTPMV SourcesEdit

The following list contains video sources that are or used to be popular with the YTPMV makers when it came to making YTPMVs.

  1. 50 Impressions in 50 seconds (Nostalgia Critic)
  2. Angry Video Game Nerd
  3. Angry German Kid
  4. CDI Zelda
  5. Inanimate Inasanity
  6. HH Greg commercial
  7. Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like Its Hot
  8. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
  9. Peanut Butter Gamer
  10. Robotnik
  11. .MOV series
  12. Super Smash Bros
  13. Mario Head
  14. JacksFilms
  15. PSY
  16. Sonic The Hedgehog
  17. Hotel Mario
  18. asdfmovie
  19. Ran Ran Ru McDonalds
  20. Donald Trump
  21. Battle for Dream Island
  22. Bender (Futurama)
  23. Crazy Frog
  24. GabeN
  25. Death Note
  26. Hitler
  27. Jack Black defines Octagon (Sesame Street)
  28. JonTron
  29. Knut
  30. Lucky Star
  31. Mario Paint
  32. Old Spice
  33. Micheal Rosen
  34. Gandal - SAY WHAT!
  35. FHRITP
  36. Big Hot Dog Commercial
  37. Kitchen Gun
  38. Orphan's Benefit - Kurdish fandub (Mickey Mouse)
  39. Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  40. Super Mario Bros.
  41. Team Fortress 2
  42. WHy is there shit?
  43. Trolololo song
  44. Anime (All sorts of Anime to be exact)
  45. My little pony friendship is magic
  46. Windows XP/Windows 7
  47. Undertale (oh god, a LOT of Undertale)
  48. MLG sources (Snoop Dogg, Airhorn, Hitmark, etc.)
  49. Filthy Frank
  50. Spongebob
  51. EddsWorld
  52. Chargeman
  53. Kill me baby
  54. Nichijou
  55. Minecraft sounds
  56. Cyprien
  57. YTPMV itself (Such as Rumble me baby)
  58. Anthros
  59. Gabe The Dog
  60. Funny gay porn
  61. DEDEDON(NSF-309-38)
  62. BME
  63. Yotobi
  64. Ruder ray
  65. JonTron
  66. Andou
  67. クッキー☆(Touhou Flash meme)
  68. Azumanga Daioh
  69. SGI
  70. Shuzo (Japanese Meme)
  71. Roberto (Same as Shuzo)
  72. Webdriver Torso

Notable YTPMV FadsEdit

The following is a list of musical sources that are or used to be popular fads and have had numerous YTPMVs made with these songs.

  • 7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga
  • Ageha
  • Am I Waiting on a Square Space
  • Artificial Intelligence Bomb
  • Avast Your Ass
  • AVELife (Life of an (a) X)
  • Bad Apple Scan
  • Beyond the Sky
  • Bloomin' Feeling
  • Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Burns, Burns, Burns
  • Butterfly
  • Can Can (Heaven and Hell)
  • Cave Story Theme
  • Cave Story Last Battle Theme
  • Chemical Planet Zone
  • Chimpuri
  • Cloudcones (Reflexive Killer)
  • Corridors of Time
  • Dead Zone
  • Doomsday Zone
  • Dr. Mario Theme
  • Dreamer
  • DuckTales Moon Theme
  • Elektro Pop
  • Evans
  • EvanZone ReflectionWERSig 2 bass So happy
  • Fasten Your Seatbelts
  • FLASH (Chubby Chubby Chip Chip)
  • Forest Maze (Beware the Forest Mushroom)
  • Frantic Factory
  • Funky Stars
  • Gourmet Race (This video contains X)
  • Green Hill Zone
  • Hamster Dance
  • Hold My Hand
  • I'm so happy
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • J-E-N-O-V-A
  • Just a Bit Crazy (Vim - No)
  • Kill Everybody (Skrillex)
  • Kimono♥Princess
  • Knockerboys
  • kuk
  • Kuken Hittar Hem
  • Led Storm
  • Light Shine
  • Metal Beat
  • Moleskinsoft Clone Remover (Plastic Pop)
  • Neopandemic (Kistune²)
  • Night of Nights
  • Nyan Cat
  • On and On
  • Paletto Polis
  • PluginPunkPack (An (A) X Kind)
  • Popipo
  • Rainbow Tylenol
  • Red Green Blue
  • Red Zone
  • Ringside (Interview)
  • Riverside
  • Rock My Emotions
  • Rock Turns into Water
  • Samurai Logic
  • Sand Canyon (X Gets Sand in his Canyon)
  • Save the World
  • Scarlet Zone
  • Second Heaven
  • Select Your CarRanger
  • Shuric Scan
  • SigSig
  • Sky High
  • Snippet
  • Snow Goose
  • Super Mario Land - Overworld Theme
  • Take Off & Land
  • Tetris
  • The Hall of the Mountain King
  • The Penis (Eek!)
  • The Swamps
  • This is Sparta (Sparta Remix)
  • Time to Air
  • U.N. Owen Was Her
  • Unreal Superhero 3
  • VCR6 test 001 (Naruto)
  • Vs. Masked Dedede
  • When I'm Bored
  • Wind God Girl
  • You Spin Me Right Round

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