It's Weegee!

Weegee, the famous owner of the super portal.

Weegees' Super Portal is a creation of Weegee. He plans to make this portal for Squishbob Ballpants

Testing the Portal Edit

Subject Heavy and Pyro both fat, entered Weegee's super portal. Reason of arrest; interacting and cursing Flutterrage out, Subject Pyro then flamed the banishing Nether world.

Right now Edit

Currently, Weegee is keeping it secret from MOAR KRABS, that annoys Weegee. The portal is locked away in a Laboratory in the Weegee Empire. The Weegee Empire is only accessed by Weegee and the key can be only be found by Weegee. Weegee's house is built for the Weegee Empire.

Weegee made a new rule for Canada, No copywrited Super Portals of his creation, or else he will plan a super device that can infect. The development is under the management of vice-president Comys. Comys is planned to keep it for Weegee only.

Failed VersionEdit

In 2016, a failed version of the portal was released. It led to the most dreaded possible location: Miles Mays Land. Luckily, only 32 people were killed via the portal.

It is said, that one copy of the failed portal remains.

Enemies Edit

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