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Weegee is an old internet meme that was made from the game Mario is Missing as Luigi`s Sprite. It originated on 4chan and became popular on DeviantArt. While people confuse it with Luigi they are in fact wrong. Luigi is an Italian Plumber while Weegee is an evil being (presumed by some to be a god) bent on universal destruction, leaving their appearance the only similarity.

Character Description

Meta ridley (weegee)
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Weegee is known for his extremely powerful gaze. If one sees Weegee, he will have about two seconds before the gaze took effect. If he closes his eyes, his eyelids will melt away, leaving him unable to blink or look away due to paralysis. If he wears sunglasses, he will somehow be fully immune to the stare.

Final (True?) Form

When combined with his servants Malleo and Yushee, he becomes an unholy beast of terror known as WEEMALLSHEEGAS.


When Weegee began to lose his once-loyal followers, his craving for attention turned out to be a necessary life function and took extreme measures to revive his reign by making a public appearance on the airwaves in Bikini Bottom either claiming anyone watching TV or scaring them out of town. Squidward Tentacles' business in the weed industry was affected by this and was forced to cap the demon plumber.

Squidward hired a number of bounty hunters and assassins to do the job, but none were able to even confront Weegee in his state of power. Squidward then had a team of scientists create a bio weapon that would finish the job and named it Skodwarde. Weegee was unable to fight off the soulless psychopath and was brutally stabbed to death by his successor.

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