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Weegee himself.

Weegee is an old outdated internet meme that was made from the game Mario is Missing as Luigi's Sprite. It originated on 4chan and became popular on DeviantArt. While people confuse it with Luigi they are in fact wrong. Luigi is an Italian Plumber while Weegee is an evil being (presumed by some to be a god) bent on universal destruction, leaving their appearance the only similarity. He is believed to be the younger brother of Malleo.

Character Description

Meta ridley (weegee)

Thought it was bad before?

Weegee is known for his extremely powerful gaze as well as being the leader of Youtube Poop. If one sees Weegee, he will have about two seconds before the gaze takes effect. If he closes his eyes, his eyelids will melt away, leaving him unable to blink or look away due to paralysis. If he wears sunglasses, he will somehow be fully immune to the stare.

Final (True?) Form

When Weegee is combined with his servants Malleo and Yushee, he becomes an unholy beast of terror known as WEEMALLSHEEGAS. He can actually unite with others, bur WEEMALLSHEEGAS is his most powerful vile form. WEEMALLSHEEGAS is the most powerful thing on the planet, even MOAR powerful than Dark Tails Himself.


You cannot grasp the true form of WEEMALLSHEEGAS!!!05:11

You cannot grasp the true form of WEEMALLSHEEGAS!!!

God help us.


When Weegee began to lose his once-loyal followers, his craving for attention turned out to be necessary for his survival and took extreme measures to revive his reign by making a public appearance on the airwaves in Bikini Bottom either claiming anyone watching TV or scaring them out of town. Squidward Tentacles' business in the weed industry was affected by this and was forced to cap the demon plumber.

Squidward hired a number of bounty hunters and assassins to do the job, but none were able to even confront Weegee in his state of power. Squidward then had a team of scientists create a bio weapon that would finish the job and named it Skodwarde. Weegee was unable to fight off the soulless psychopath and was brutally stabbed to death by his successor.

The YTP Movie 2

In this movie, Gru tracks down Weegee to use him as an engine for his SUPERBLIMP

How to create a Weegee

This has been taken from The Enclosed Instruction Book on page 666, if you want to create one (not recommended) read it carefully. When the sun is faced angry and the moon is happy-faced, it's the night when you have to mix all the ingredients in a pot with water bath (from the toilet) and mix well. The ingredients are:

  • Luigi's blood.
  • Wombat's hair.
  • The red light of Tails Doll.
  • A bit of Power Level of Vegeta.
  • A pair of deformed ears.
  • Concentrated evil.
  • A mushroom (mushroom, ring, PSI or whatever in your country).
  • Poop, just poop.
  • An album of Daddy Yankee (if you want that you Weegee is very idiot, perverted but genius)
  • A warrior from Final Fantasy with level of 200.
  • 9 Pokemons.
  • Shrek's fart.
  • Osama's eyes.
  • And the most important thing is don't add a brain.

Thus, a Weegee is created but be careful, don't look at his eyes or else you will die.

How to summon Weegee

There is a way to summon Weegee in your house (which is not recommended to do so). In front of a mirror, you will need to do the following:

  • 1.Take the blunt object you have on hand (a bottle, a bat, etc).
  • 2.Put it in your butt.
  • 3.Start to dance like a complete jackass continuously while you says Weegee 5 times.

If you see him, it's probably true or just a dream but don't look at his eyes.


Dark Tails

Dark Tails

Dark Tails, Weegee's former apprentice.

Weegee once had a secret apprentice, Dark Tails. After Weegee died, Dark Tails swore revenge on Skodwarde, he later held true to that swear, as he used his Death Squad to decimate the Skodwarde Squad.

DarkTeegee Norris

After disappearing, Dark Tails hears about the murderer of PedoBear by the hands of Giywardeaugh, Dark Tails saved the Great Mighty Poo, who in return told Dark Tails wish. Without hesistatig he wish to be the ultimate power and to destroy anyone who gets in his way. The Great Mighty Poo then granted the wish and Dark Tails merged with his former master, Weegee, and Chuck Norris. Dark Tails then awoke as DarkTeegee Norris.

Second Life


The Coachman revived Weegee by putting the losses of the war into the Fusion Machine, in order to take out the Mewtwo Squad once and for all.

Weegee in this form, was much weaker, and no longer had his viral stare. He regained his strength by witnessing the betrayal of his former student.

New Apprentice

After learning that his old apprentice has turned into a good guy. Weegee got a new apprentice, and taught him all that he taught Dark Tails.

Nobody Controls Weegee

Weegee later had Darth Sonic cut The Coachman in half with his lightsaber, killing him. Weegee then said "Nobody controls Weegee"

Turning Good

Weegee was about to take over the world when Comys confrunted Weegee and somehow turned him good again. (The first time was long lost). Weegee then saved the world.

President of Weegee Canada

Weegee has now gave up on being a villain and is now the president of Weegee Canada, with Comys as the vice-president. Weegee will never desturb YouTube Poop again, except if anyone goes up against Weegee Canada. In that case, they will go missing.

Recently, Weegee began working on a portal, and dubbed it Weegees' Super Portal. It will be completed in 2041.


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