Waweegee is an evil and old sprite of Waluigi from Mario is Missing, is a recolored version of Weegee and he's the brother of Walleo. He was born on the same date like his cousin Weegee, in 4chan and became popular in DeviantArt. While people confuse it with Waluigi they are in fact wrong because Waluigi is an Italian Plumber while Waweegee is an evil doer who like the money. He feels jealous of Malleo and Weegee.

Character DescriptionEdit

Waweegee is known for had a physical appearance like Weegee and an oversized nose after being hit with a basketball. If you look at him, you become skinny and die. He has another form known as Toon Waweegee but this is unknown. He also is the founder of Wapizzeria, restaurant is located in Weegee Empire.

War of the SquadsEdit

UMA vs SSEdit

In search of new members, Dark Tails entered hell. While in hell he met Waweegee, Dark Tails then promised Waweegee that if he joins the United Monsters of America, he will got an cirugy in the nose. Waweegee then agreed. During the war, Waweegee turned into a great member of the UMA with his cousin Malleo and brother Walleo, promising to avenge the death of Weegee by the hands of Skodwarde and the Skodwarde Squad.

Waweegee has an rivalry with Wormy one of the Skodwarde Squad members. At the end, after the Skodwarde was killed by Dark Tails and the Skodwarde Squad members were killed, he makes a party with his brother Walleo in Hyrule Castle.

T.D Squad ThreatEdit

Waweegee returns in battle after hear about a new and evil squad. Later, Waweegee was handicapped by Giygas Jr., the reason that Waweegee was injured is cause he was responasble of Skodwarde's Death, begins a new Battle in the world and a new revenge of a devil enemy called the group of T.D Squad.

Waweegee was cured thanks to Princess Celestia's Magic, Later, He returns killing Giygas Jr. imprisoning him into the Hell.

Spinge Squad ThreatEdit

During the attack of the Spinge Squad, Waweegee and his brother Walleo was pressumed murdered by the hands of The Masked One who was really Dark Tails possessed by The Coachman. Then everybody in the Death Squad and in the T.D Squad know about the new threat of the Spinge Squad.


  • He lived in a Cave during his childhood.
  • Waweegee is equal Weegee, the only difference is his oversized nose.
  • Wapizzera has a rivalry with Little Caesars Pizza.
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