Wario is Mario and Luigi's fat cousin who originally star in games that were better than that of Mario, but then ascended to own a game company of his own better than that of Nintendo. He later became The Coachman in his elderly years. He Is a member of E.V.I.L


Before Wario is Wario, he was Steven Universe. When he was a kid, he does not like greed and he is not rivals of Mario or Luigi. He hasn't even met the Mario Bros until they were teens in the same high school. When Mario has bullied him enough times, he went out of his way to rival Mario, by doing the same stuff as Mario (being greedy, being fat), later on, he became Wario.

Often aims to dominate the world by achieving their main goal, buy a castle as large as possible collecting coins. It is one of the most modern Mario enemies, which arose due to a faulty cloning Mario performed at MIT, in which the gene allele responsible for the shape of the mustache mutated, reversing their polarity and causing the resultant being passed to dark side to be capitalist, fat, strong, extremely ugly but unlike Mario; smart. The laboratories of Nintendo decided to take advantage of the thing. Wario and Bowser are bitter enemies because, since it appeared that Wario and Bowser had been somewhat forgotten in Nintendo laboratories. It has even outshine Mario in the laboratory. When Mario jumps on you is much worse as it weighs at least a ton and has lined the bastard's ass bracero, a yellow suit and hat like Mario with the symbol of the M upside down ("W") is not wearing shoes but a stinking sock that smells (from there you have a big red nose).

Wario can also use the Waluigi Launcher.



(Lived: 2008 - 2018)




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