The first working prototype.


Another Artwork. By MTP.

War of the Squads: The Game is a Lua game being made currently by Adam9812. It is a side project and will not be fully released for a while.


The game takes place between Book 1 and Book 3, in the nation of Canada (also known as the Weegee Empire). Weegee must defend his newly fixed empire against villains who are plotting to destroy it. You can also play as vice-president Comys.


War of the Squads: The Game is heavily inspired by the SSB series. You can play as either Weegee and Comys, because they are the only ones center to the story. Even the developer admits that due to the lack of resourses and money, the sound, graphical, and animation quality is very crappy. In comparison, the code is fairly well written and might balance the game out.


  • Weegee (Playable)
  • Comys (Playable)
  • Ninjas (Evil)


  • Adam9812 (head developer)
  • MilezTalizPrower (Cutscenes, voice of Comys)

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