Writers Notes is an extra to the War of the Squads franchise where the writer of the Book writes a note on their backstory as a WotS writer (how the found out about it and started to contribute), how they changed the book, etc.

NOTE: This is the Writers Notes for BOOK 1 ONLY will be / are Writers Notes for the other books as well.



War of the Squads is huge for me, and I love being a WotS writer. According to the home page I am seen as the creator of the franchise (and I can't argue). It all started when I tried to revive Weegee by inventing Mega-Weegee. After that I created a direct revival, which was removed by AwesomeSeaCucumber who said "Do we really need the whole Mega-Weegee thing" after that I walked my dog Danny. During the walk I realized that he was right, so when I got home I removed Mega-Weegee and made Dark Tails (at that time a useless article stub I created) and made him Weegee's secret apprentice, then I wrote thathe befriended Tubby. Soon the UMA was created. About a month later (roughly). I finished off the Skodwarde Squad, and I didn't knew it then - and finished the first chapter of War of the Squads. I am happy to see an idea I got while walking my dog grow into a franchise. I want to be a director, and if wasn't for copyright laws. I would go ahead and turn the book into a movie.


I do not have much to say, about what I did, since I only played part in chapter five. My favorite character is Weegee, so I really was in favor of bringing him back. I will say that I loved the collaboration we all did. I thank everyone for the help in chapter five.

Mr MorshuEdit

I still can't believe this huge and totally awesome group project sprouted out of a simple spreading of ideas.  And it was all because I made a creative death for Weegee by saying that Squidward murdered him to settle a business rivalry.  Then MilezTailzPrower tried to revive Weegee, and it picked up from there.  Now it's become a whole franchise.  This also gave me the chance to introduce to you guys the morbid SpongeBob sprite of Fuzzy Acorns and add a new face to the collection of morbid sprites seen in SpongeBob SquarePants.  Plus, I always kind of liked Weegee and I'm glad we revived him through the story.  So long story short, becoming a WotS author was really great.  Someday I want to become a great YTPer like MoBrosStudios and make a YouTube Poop based on the book.