These are scenes that didn't make the cut, or were modified.

Fuzzy Acorns appearancesEdit

After the his death, Fuzzy Acorns soul spoke with Fizzy Walnuts in his mind in all the Chapters of the War of the Squads trying to convince Fizzy not help Skodwarde and the villains.

Great Mighty Poo AliveEdit

Originally, Great Mighty Poo would be saved by Dark Tails before Tirek kills him, Dark Tails save him hitting Tirek and after that, Great Mighty Poo makes reality the wish of Dark Tails.

Rarity's deathEdit

Dark Tails later rescued Marine, and stabbed Rarity to death in the process. That's when Marine noticed it. Dark Tails wasn't the same, his evil nature has overshadowed his personality. He changed. Marine is now a member of the Spinge Squad.

Comys explains why he belives YTP World is fakeEdit

Note: Part of this Scene made it to chapter one of War of the Squads Book 2: Rise of Weegee!

"So why do you believe reality is fake?" asked Luna,

"Well you see it was during the final battle againts the darkness, when I was hit in the head with a brick. Then Morgan Freeman appeared and told me that the writers sent him to tell me the truth. Then he told me about the real world, and the writers, and that this reality is fake. I didn't believe him at first, so I asked him 'Why should I believe that' then he said 'because I'm Morgan Freeman' that's when I realized it was all true." Comys said,

Everyone looked confused,

"The brick gave him brain damage" Tails finally said,