Wampa Krabs

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Wampa Gaylord Krabs











Wampa Krabs is the sadistic brother of Mr. Krabs and a morbid version of him. He is also the biggest enemy of Pranktin. He is the founder of the Rusty Krap and the only employee on it. Wampa Krabs was born at 1965 in Shell City. On his fight for Moar Nasty Patties, he will die in a near future.


Wampa Krabs was born in the ghetto of Shell City where he was raised in a dustbin by his lovely mother (and girlfriend), Mampa Krabs. Since his childhood, he spoke about his powerful interests for man and how he wanted to rape them in the bed. His gayness started to grow when he started a new interest for money and capitalism and his dreams were accomplished by accident along with his brother Mr. Krabs, created the evil formula of the most evil food in YTP world "The Nasty Patty". Then Wampa tried to use it to get more money than Moar and Eugene Krabs but they knew about this and Moar Krabs with Eugene bet Wampa up and burning his house with him inside while Moar Krabs stole the formula to his own benefits without Eugene knowing about it. However, Wampa survived when he was rescued by the gaylord who raped him instead of healing his wounds. Since then, Wampa just wants to see the world burn by his own cause and be the world's greatest motherfucker.

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Rabid wampa

Wampa Krabs

Wampa Gaylord Krabs


Anigif enhanced-22527-1409765811-6

Wampa when having to pay taxes.

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