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Comedy Genres

Ribaldry, black comedy, surreal humour, sentence mixing

WTLNetwork was a consortium of students who worked together to create mostly Thomas the Tank Engine poops.

Members included Sam (lead pooper), JT, Jay and TheEvstar. Chazlar left on January 8, 2011 to pursue other projects.


Sam started WTLNetwork on July 8, 2009, originally intended as a sketch show idea he and JT had formulated. However, after creating a TTTE poop for the first time, this was to develop into a long running series.

The very first WTLNetwork video was titled Tamiz the Wank Engine.

Beside Thomas the Tank Engine, other shows have been pooped, such as Fireman Sam (aka The Welsh Fireman), ChuckleVision and Sooty and Co.. Disney's Recess and Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls remain the only American shows to have been pooped.

However, on February 11, 2011, WTLNetwork faced the darkest day in its history after HiT Entertainment, the current owners of Thomas the Tank Engine and ex YTP enemy along with Viacom Inc., had blocked seven of WTLNetwork's videos and placed a copyright strike on the channel. WTLNetwork uploaded a video to the account ("The Death of WTLNetwork...?") which stated that WTLNetwork would stop making Thomas poops from this moment on, but went on to make poops for other TV shows.

Fortunately, a new WTLNetwork channel [1] has brought the former WTLNetwork glory back to life by re-uploading the Thomas poops but, sadly, not all of WTLNetwork's videos were recovered and the former WTLNetwork wiki which had information on all the poops was shut down.

Running GagsEdit

Thomas the Tank Engine with Pile of Coal

The O-Face, one of the most popular Thomas-associated memes

  • The Fat Controller's gay relationship with the Butler.
  • The O-Face (right), which many different characters beside Thomas now pull.
  • Characters frequently dying in many ways but are alive and well by the next episode.
  • The gag opening/ending credits in each episode.

Episode listEdit