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Article Deletion

This is how the wiki operates. It is the basic policy, or as some may say, a "constitution".

Changing/Amending Rules

The YTP Wiki once had a direct democracy, but in Nov. 2014, the system failed due to users creating crappy proposals. The system was syitched to a Axiomatic System, where logic overrides majority.

Users can create proposals to change any section of the rules. Others can vote using Template:Support, Template:Neutral, or Template:Oppose. If a single oppose stands, a proposal can't pass.

However, there are two ways deal with objections:

MODIFY: Modify the proposal to fix the objection
DEBUNK: Use counter-logic to show that the objection is false"


  • A user creates a proposal in the Proposals board with a clear intention.
  • Users can object. If the objection is bad, you can debunk it. If it is good, the proposal creator can modifiy the proposal to fix it.
  • If 24 hrs pass and no legitimate objections remain, the proposal passes. If else, it fails.


  • While this clause exists, no proposal can be done that limits one's ability to speak their opinion in a respectful manner.
  • Modifications to the Process section of the rules must get a majority vote as well as passing the regular way.


The court is one of the more important boards. It is quite versatile, and does a variety of stuff:

  • Handles disputes about the content of articles.
  • Discusses the banning of users.

Any user can vote using Template:Vote and the side getting the most votes is the ruling.


  • Only mini-admins or above can create threads about banning users
    • The user must have broken a rule and proof must exist.
  • The court cannot make an action against someone that does not say or do something that violates a rule in a solid way.


Getting promoted is done using an election process. However, a user must also meet the requirements. There are exceptions, but they are good guidelines:

  • Rollback/Chat/Forum mod:
    • 3 months of activity
    • 250 edits
    • 14 consecutive days of activity
    • At least one good page
  • Mini admin:
    • 6 months of activity
    • 600 edits
    • 30 consecutive days of activity
    • Contribution to community
  • Admin:
    • 1 year of activity
    • 2,000 edits
    • 60 consecutive days of activity
    • All of above
  • Bureaucrat:
    • 2 years of activity
    • 5,000 edits
    • 100 consecutive days of activity
    • All of above

If more users support you than oppose you, and you meet the requirements, a Bureaucrat is advised to promote you.

You can be demoted by either a court order, a 75% vote under the promotions board, or being inactive for over a year.

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