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Viaclone Machine

The Viaclone Machine is a Viacom version of a cloning machine to create Viaclones (Viacom clones of any person or living thing) that were invented by Viacom Inc. after destroying Wario’s Wa-Machine and collected all of the parts. Viacom Inc. began to create MOAR! Viaclones of any Nickelodeon character and others to destroy YouTube Poop and teach YouTube Poopers an lesson. They also created Viaclones of the Teletubbies.

List of Viaclones Edit

  • Viacom Mew
  • Viacom Quarry Eels
  • Viacom Teletubbies
  • Viacombob Viapants
  • Viacomgee

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