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Ultran Fate or the DarkEnforcer is the most badass white person in YouTube Poop World. He is the most powerful thing on his home planet, and is the mortal enemy of the IPA. While he generally dislikes humans, he has exceptions, like Coreen Onscar.


Ultran lacks human emotions, and is constantly hunted down by humans because of his "differences". Which makes him hate humanity right back. He is unable to love, trust, etc. and is full of hate, despite the fact he has no emotions. Though his extreme hatred, he somewhat trusts Coreen Onscar and would protect her no matter the situation.



Near the end of the Human Empire, Dr. Dark created Ultran as a method of world domination. At first, everything was good - until Ultran developed free will. Ultran then started to view humanity as inferior pests, and decided to wipe them out. Dr. Dark then teamed up with the rebellion against him to stop Ultran, by separating his body and sole - trapping his soul in the orb of souls. However, Ultran managed to escape a time later and continued with his objectives.

The Fate BrothersEdit

Ultran Fate met a partner of Dr. Dark (who was more childish than him) called Ant-Man who was working in a new project with Dr. Dark until he betrayed Ultran and went to his bathroom to cry in the floor while he was taking a shower. Ultran decided to help Ant-Man with the unfinished project knowing that Ant-Man was not human at all. Then both combining their knowledges about technology created Ultron, a cyborg with enough knowledge about the humanity like Ant-Man and an unstoppable power like Ultran destined to burn the world to ashes, but Ant-Man (being a childish) decided to use Ultron as his baby doll for days until Ultron got tired and beat Ant-Man up and escaped from the laboratory leaving a great hole in the door. Ant-Man was sad while Ultran was proud of what he had created. Since then, Ultran and Ultron have the same objective, destroy the humanity.


Ultran Fate is commonly trying to destroy the humanity, but to achieve it, he will need to get rid of a certain businessmen.

Character InfoEdit


  • Ultron His (robotic) brother
  • Coreen Onscar
  • Technology
  • Death
  • Himself
  • Fire


  • The IPA
  • Life
  • Light
  • Everything
  • Mandy
  • Modern Day Tv series


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