The UMA-Skodwarde Squad War

UMA Leader

Dark Tails

SS Leader


UMA Members

Dark Tails, Tubby, Da-Da, Walleo, Malleo, Marine the Raccoon, Insane Woody, Waweegee, Tobuscus, Lord Tirek (Rejected)

SS Members

Skodwarde, Moar Krabs, Spengbab, Morbid Patrick, Wormy, Pranktin, DEUUEAUGH Fish, Hash Slinging Slasher, Fizzy Walnuts.

The UMA-Skodwarde Squad War was a war between the United Monsters of America, lead by Dark Tails and the Skodwarde Squad, lead by Skodwarde. The war lasted for over one year.

Build Up to WarEdit

Negative RelationsEdit

Negative relations started with the murder of Weegee, in which Dark Tails swore vengeance on Skodwarde, Weegee's murder.

War is declaredEdit

War was declared when Dark Tails murdered Spengbab, and SS member and recorded the murder. In which Dark Tails sent the tape to Skodwarde.


Allot of events happened during the war.


Dark Tails sent his apprentice Tobuscus to take care of Fizzy Walnuts. Fizzy surrendered immediately because Tobuscus was so weird, that Fizzy was disturbed.

The SS's new memberEdit

Skodwarde offered Dark Tails' general, Tubby to be part of the SS. It was later discovered that Dark Tails knew about this and that Tubby was really spying on the SS.


One year later the Skodwarde Squad was in victory, that when Dark Tails launched project "P". Only Skodwarde, Moar Krabs, and Fizzy (who was not really fighting in the war after Tobuscus) survived. The rest now have dog shit in their dead corpses. Dark Tails later overpowered Skodwarde and killed him using his only weakness...screaming "This is Sparta" and kicking him down a well. Skodwarde was finally dead. Moar then surrendered, he still manages the Krab Krusty today.

The money and resources needed to reanimate the bio army were preserved, however they were entrusted with a certain idiot scientist who probably lost everything by now.

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