The apocalypse is upon us

Tootsie pops are these really weird cylinder candy things that are really creepy. They were created to one day make everyone bow before them. They are known to clog human intestines which kills them later(But the

mythsters proved this to be false) Tootsie Pops have Sos in them which makes them so much more addictive and harder to resist. They are mainly manufactuired in Chocadoobie empire


After Atlas Corporation failed to wipe out humanity with Ebola, they came upon a new plan. Give everyone diabettus. The plan is working now, with Murica in ruins.

More and more countries are starting to find their stores filled with Tootsie Pops, and some are predicting the end of the world.


  • despite reasearch, no one has knowledge of how many licks it takes to get to the center
  • the candy is banned in equestria
  • if you find the strange weege on the wrapper you earn 1 million dollars