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Paige the Notepad, Shrignold the Butterfly, Dr. Wily, Benson, Superman, Billy Mays, Sans


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Bad Time Tony

Tony the Talking Clock is the main antagonist in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2. He is a talking clock that appears just to ruin the lives of Harry and his friends singing to them boring songs and destroying their bodies and minds using his strange powers.

Meh meh mEH MEH MEH


Tony was born of a poor family living in New York City. During his childhood, Tony was abused by other children at his school and among all was Benson, who was known for being a drug addict bastard in those times. However, Tony was attended with the help of other retarded like him, called Paige, Shregold, Collin, The Healthy Pack, and Leonard The Lamp, which are: a notepad that had serious mental problems,a butterfly regarded as effeminate,a stupid and gay computer that thinks he is more intellingent like Gumball Watterson, he likes to watch Gumball porn videos such as Big Whooper and doesnt like to be touched becuase he thinks his Buttons are his penis, a retarded group that like to torture puppets and they are retarded because they think Vegetables arent healthy(they even banned VeggieTales to be aired in New Bikini Bottom and Sesame Street), and finally an mental retarded gay light, that hates The Simpsons, thinking that Manny is Milhouse, trowing him im a tar pool. After several abuses of Benson, Tony couldn't support it anymore and brutally beaten Benson leaving him half dead. Tony was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rest of his life, however, Paige and Shrignold managed to help Tony telling the jury that Benson was in favor of the SOPA law. He wanted to get more involved with the demons of the underworld, buying a book in a certain store and pronouncing a few of magic words along with his friends. This caused that Tony and his friends invoke to Aku, who granted them their wishes quickly turning them into immortals and malevolents. Since that day, Tony dedicates his life to eternal torture people and teach them the importance of the time, especially to an crustacean named Harry and his friends. A time later, Tony learned to sing in the Cum Bucket thanks to that dwarf one-eyed.


Tony married with Paige the Notepad in an unknown date and after kissing Paige, Tony was turned into a being who was half human and half clock. Obviously a parody to the princess and the frog. Tony decided to use his body to clean birds poop in Harkinian's car.


  • Time
  • Singing
  • Idiots to cheat them
  • Aku (His master)
  • Paige the Notepad
  • Jews
  • Billy Mays and his products
  • Shrignold the Butterfly
  • Collin The Computer
  • The Healthy Pack.
  • Sans
  • Megalovania Squad
  • Ear rape