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Tobuscus was a member of the Mewtwo Squad, before leaving to create a new Squad with Ally Hyriss and Ultran. He has some sort of paranormal gift that allows him to have visions.


Tobuscus begins a rivalry with Dross (before he met Fizzy Walnuts). Dross bet him on who would make the best video, Tobuscus then agreed. Unfortunately, Dross lost the match and was forced to se 2 Girls 1 Cup. Dross and Tobuscus had a fight in Hyrule Castle which Tobuscus win against Dross.

War with Fizzy WalnutsEdit

Dark Tails sent Tobuscus to take care of Fizzy Walnuts, along with his apprentice, Sandy Cheeks. After beating Fizzy the first time (Tobuscus was so weird that Fizzy surrendered because he was uncomfortable). Tobusucs asked him "Do you like my sword?".

Unmasking The Masked OneEdit

Angered by Dark Tails's death, Tobuscus fought The Masked One. He later defeated him. Then Tobuscus unmasked him then Tobuscus started to step back, pause, and ran away.

Announcing who was under the maskEdit

Mewtwo, the leader of the T.D Squad, and Tubby, the new leader of the Death Squad asked Tobuscus who he saw under the mask. All Tobuscus said was.

"Under those red eyes are gold eyes"

Both Mewtwo and Tubby were in shocked - the both knew who was under the mask

After that, Tobuscus begins a friendship with the apprentice of Mewtwo and Queen Chrysalis, who has skill of drain the power of her enemies.



    Tobuscus being his insane self and blowing up a truck.

    "Do you like my sword?"
  • "Come here buddy....MURDER!!!"
  • "I speak Canadian"
  • "Hot Hot Hot"



Tobuscus is scared of his mom, Mombuscus.



YTP Tobuscus Adventures Tobuscus saves Octarock from Ganon03:42

YTP Tobuscus Adventures Tobuscus saves Octarock from Ganon.

It's SpaDinner, but still finny


The Uncarian government said that Tobuscus was an Uncarian, but he stated that they were lying. He later proved that they were lying by showing the public his American birth certificate.

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