Toad is a Toad and one of the allies of Mario who always tells you to go to another castle. He appears in the first two Mario cartoons as whose only purpose is to be annoying. In the games, he likes to say "Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!" just to piss us off. It's rumored that he is gay.



Toad was born in Mushroom Kingdom at the same time Princess Peach was proclaimed the leader of the place. Toad is a pervert due to always being behind Princess Peach taking care of her big ass.

Those daysEdit

Toad is a playable character in some games of Mario and he has a good speed but always falls to the precipices and Luigi with his super jump has to pull out him even if Toad don't want to be saved.

Drug addictEdit

After being abandoned by Luigi, Toad was found swallowing several bath salts in order to prevent being in depression for life. It's known that he stole the money of Peach and in the wallet she had a VISA card which is now in the piggy bank of Toad.




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