The Titans Tower is the working place of the evil Teen Titans before it's downfall by the Wumbo Party.


Robin payed Weegee to construct a satanic tower. He did so and now the place is haunted by Satan. It's made of Netherrack from the Netherrealm of Minecraftia.

Security SystemEdit

Sneaking in the tower is like a suicide mission. You can't fucking do it. It has over 9000 nuclear missiles inside the walls. It has an atomic bomb under the house itself. The house ITSELF is a fucking bomb. It's elevator also has alligators in it.


In the year 2001, the Wumbo Party nuked Jump City, completely destroying the tower. Cyborg, being immortal, rebuilt the tower with the help of Patrick Star. It is now known as the Wumbo Party Headquarters.

Wumbo PartyEdit

After both Patrick and Cyborg built it, he turned it into a W. It is now the Headquarters of the World and the Wumbo Party.

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