Tigger T. Tiggington is a dumbass tiger thief/rapist who stole Pooh's money and virginity. He also has an extreme lisp, due to the force in which he sucked Pooh's cock.


Little is known about Tigger's past, but people said that he was raised by Ganon in order to turn him into a monster. However, this is impossible due to Ganon's weird behavior towards animals.

One night, Winnie the Pooh was asleep in his bed when suddenly, he heard someone at the door. With his shotgun ready, he slowly walked to the door, hoping it's just Piglet. The door swung open, revealing an orange man who tackled Pooh and pinned him to the ground. Before Pooh could fight back, he war raped by Tigger. Within the second, the orange man was gone with all of Pooh's munney.

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