• Anyways, so there are several articles for fake consoles based on real ones, like Youtube Poop CD-i Switch and Youtube Poop 3DSi.

    I'm proposing to replace these with the real consoles, since...

    • Nintendo has a fairly strong internet presence
    • The Nintendo Switch is a pooping source
    • The articles have art of the real consoles
    • The lists of games contain the Dimension Warriors and Universe Heroes which were put in an alternate reality

    If this court proposal passes, it will also delete the "Video Shames", "TV Shames", and "Board Shames" articles on account of...

    • Having below-average quality
    • Lacking humor
    • Having categories that contradict the contents of the articles
    • Two of them are basically just lists
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      I intended to make this a while back but never got around to it
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