Themysteriouspirate is a YouTube friend of Achille12345. They are helping each other by giving themselves ideas for videos or cool sound and special effects.

Themysteriouspirate's YouTube avatar.

Themysteriouspirate is an art artist. He has an account on Deviantart, where he posts his work. His skills in drawing have a use in his YouTube videos too. He's the creator of very well done series called CD-I RPG. The series was put on hiatus after 4 episodes, due to Pirate being busy with his job in the real world and not having a lot of time to make videos.


  • Themysteriouspirate's avatar bears resemblance to Flaky from Happy Tree Friends.
  • He makes cameos in Achille's videos, such as CD-I The Secret Game, of CD-I Pokémon Tournament.
  • He's a Sonic and Team Fortress 2 fan.
  • His subscriber count : over 9000 3100.
  • He has drawn Achille's YouTube avatar.
  • Themysteriouspirate's Youtube channel.
  • His DeviantART account.

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