The YouTube Poop World today

The YouTube Poop World is a magical place in which every YouTube Poop character lives. It now takes up about half of YouTube. This world is the setting for all poops. It is largely owned by Hyrule, part of which is an undersea town called Bikini Bottom. Another small portion is owned the Mushroom Kingdom, a smaller kingdom nearby.  Another section is ruled by a nearby planet called Planet Mobius.  Among all three of these realms exist many, many other, smaller cities, towns, and villages that are taken up by the less popular YTP characters.


Nobody knows exactly how this strange world was created, but it was formed by Weegee, The Great Mighty Poo and the Gods of YTP millions of years ago. After a long battle with Robotnik's ancestors, the Weegee and the gods left the planet but returned many years later to bring back the poop again.

After being banished and trapped in his own world by Conker, TGMP noticed his world was empty and formed his master plan; merge every universe with his own and create one world of his own.

Unfortunately, due to being flushed, he was unable to leave the pit, having no outside influence. Years later, Cyrus mysteriously found himself face to face with TGMP after trying to disrupt the flow of space and time. TGMP cut him a deal; use his knowledge to help the literal sack of crap's cause, and he will rule the YTP World since TMGP can't physically enter it.

Current StateEdit

The YouTube Poop world is being attacked by Viacom. Many are trying to stop Viacom's devilish plot, but the Illuminati, the Commies, and the Teletubbies assist Viacom not knowing that they will die in the end.



The cultures start to develop - but they have a long way to go...

Era of peaceEdit

Hyrule rains supreme, all is peaceful.


The world falls into chaos as Weegee rises to power. The UMA is created near the beginning of this era.

Skodwarde SquadEdit

Weegee's dead. The Skodwarde Squad, lead by Skodwarde is now the antagonist of YouTube Poop.


Despite this era being short. The SS is defeated, Skodwarde is dead. Da-Da is the villain.

Dark TailsEdit

The T.D Squad made peace of the Death Squad. Dark Tails is now the main villain of YouTube Poop.

Revival of WeegeeEdit

Weegee was revived by The Coachman in order to destroy YTP, but betrays him, and becomes leader of the Weegee Empire.


The IPA and Viacom Inc. take over and defeat many nations, including the Weegee Empire. Octos and Spheroid assist Viacom, and Spheroid causes Teletubbies to disrupt Planet Mobius.


A house is built in the middle of nowhere. It is the home of Stu-Pidface. It is also the birthplace of the annoying orange and the entire cast for a majority of Jimmy Davis' YTPs.

Aincrad Chocadoobie Era


New YouTube Poop World Edit

A near-exact replica of the YTP world is created by every character in the Omega Timeline (the only timeline that's indestructible) when Core Frisk warned everyone about Error Sans' plan to destroy the YTP world. Everyone then decided to help recreate the YTP world. It did later on succeeded and everyone except Error Sans is now living in the new YTP world in the Omega Timeline.

SpaDinner 2.0 (PonMLG) Edit

Youtube Poop becomes a very annoying and unsafe place as SpaDinner returns as ponies and MLG jokes. YTP needs to figure out a way to stop this madness. SpaDinner may take over the world very soon...

Creation theoriesEdit

There are many theories about how the planet was created. An example is the Youvupo theory, which believes that YouTube Poop World was once another planet called Earth, but an era of darkness rapidly changed the planet to what it is today.

YouTube Poop Worlds

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