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"We'll take our country's problems...and push them somewhere else!"
– The Wumbo Party's Motto


Patrick Star's Card.

The Wumbo Party is a political party in Canada and Bikini Bottom, started by operative Patrick Star. It's views stand far left and highly Libertarian, as the founder stated "Lets just take all the dictators...and push them somewhere else!". Wumbo University is a high supporter of the Wumbo Party, as well as the smartest people in Canada.


In 2008, Patrick Star had to pay his krabby patty tab. This led him to protest the current government, so he created his own party. He won the election, and is currently the president of Bikini Bottom.

Years later, the then-vice president Comys Prower re-thought his political views, and found that the Wumbo Party was one of the most free parties on Earth. Comys then joined the Wumbo Party of Canada, and ran for president, soon winning the election, due to immense support on his policies to stop Arendelle's corrupt Government.

The Wumbo Party later expanded into America, but due to the stupidity of the population, no amount of logic could cause them to gain a significant amount of power.

Wumbo SubdivisionEdit

As an open-minded party, they have elections inside their won party to decide who controls it.

Red WumbosEdit

The Red Wumbos are generally more Anti-Capitalist and Marxist than the average Wumbo. They mostly support Democracy, but with significant changes to the economy. Their biggest issue in 2015 is abolishing Capitalism.

Blue WumbosEdit

The Blue Wumbos are the largest group of the Wumbo Party. They generally are Capitalist, but do Align liberally on Social Policies. Their biggest issue in 2015 is Lamp Marriage.

Green WumbosEdit

The Green Wumbos are the most hippy of all. They do not care much about the economy or social issues and instead put their main focus on protecting Planet Earth from litterbugs and war.

Members of the Wumbo PartyEdit


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