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Whispering Death... With Skodwarde`s eyes and hat

The Whispering Death is a a dragon so FEARSOME and so SCARY. You would not think the guys who made Shrek created it. but that is the whispering death you are talking about. This motherfucker is the most feared dragon YOU CAN IMAGINE.

The Krab KrustyEdit


It's all of those teeth you see that give it the name whispering death

It's not for fun it has death in its name, plus it has worked in Krab Krusty until Skodwade's death. When the scientists did an autopsy to his body, The Whispering Death came to the laboratory just to rip Skodwarde's eyes off. Since now, The Whispering Death is now the supreme leader of the giant demon squids from Bikini Bottom.

The New WeegeeEdit

This creature is in fact so CREEPY that it can become the new Weegee if he get rid of Tubby and Da-Da. However, he will need to obtain the power of be the greatest face of Koridai to achieve it.

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