"I hate banjos!"
– Diddy Kong
The Time When Banjos Weren't Appreciated was a period of time during the Great Depression in which the entire YTP World was filled with a general dislike towards the string instrument we call the banjo. Almost everyone was a banjo hater. The severity of the hatred varied from hater to hater, and ranged from mild irritability when near a banjo, to being unable to tolerate music played by a banjo, to violently attacking them on sight. And the worst banjo hater of all was none other than Diddy Kong. Ironically, the actions of this crazed chimp ended The Time When Banjos Weren't Appreciated.

One day while trolling around in an underground mine that was probably owned by the tyrannical King K. Rool, Diddy came across an anthropomorphic banjo called Banjo Tiki aimlessly wandering the area and announcing his nationality. This got on Diddy's nerves and he decided to tell BT about his hatred of banjos (which basically meant he hated BT), hoping the instrument would be as reasonable as he. Unfortunately, BT chose to be a prick and played a song with his body (because he's a banjo) just to annoy Diddy. That drove Diddy over the edge, and the pissed-off primate jumped up and punched BT so hard that the irritating instrument flew high into the stratosphere and exploded. Now that the source of his fury was gone, Diddy would now calm down and go on another random adventure with his old pal Donkey Kong, right? WRONG! When Diddy raged against BT, something snapped inside him. He wasn't the same playful, energetic, inventive chimpanzee he used to be; now he wanted only one thing, to smash banjos! After Diddy crashed an airplane he thought was loaded with banjos and terrorized a child for liking Country music (which is widely associated with banjos), King Harkinian realized that this hatred of banjos was a bunch of bunk that was doing nothing but tearing the world apart, and that he had to stop stuffing his fat gut with dinner and do something! And he did, making a large and persuasive essay speech about why we should appreciate banjos. Unfortunately for him, the students at Wumbo University beat him to it by creating a much more entertaining and equally persuasive music video. I never liked essays anyway. Essay...what a dumb word. Anyways, people stopped hating banjos, and The Time When Banjos Weren't Appreciated ended.

Diddy Kong Hates Banjos01:06

Diddy Kong Hates Banjos

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