The Super Hateful and Impressive Terrorists, or SHIT for short is the biggest terrorist organization in YouTube Poop World. It was founded by Retep and has since grew. They currently are headquartered in Arabia where they plot their terrorist attacks. However, their agents are everywhere.


SHIT was once a branch off of the Free Us Conversely Killing (FUCK). However, when the organization started to decline, the head of the branch, Retep, declared independence and formed the Super Hateful and Impressive Terrorists.

SHIT made a deal with The Red Guy and Satan Kitty and now they're working to destroy the Heaven and rape the angels there to be rich. However, what neither The Red Guy and Satan Kitty knew, their attempt to destroy the Heaven just would lead them to their final fates.

SHIT is currently recruiting members on Arabia such as the followers of Osama Bin Laden who survived the attack.

This caused a huge jump in numbers. Retep, knowing Canada and its allies will attempt to hunt down key SHIT members, moved the organization to Arabia. In 2016, SHIT gained a huge victory when the Skodward Squad merged into them.


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