Sultan Hamed

Sultan Hamed Bobolonius the II and final Sultan of Agrabah. The Sultan was a childish, elderly monarch who did such a poor job as sultan that it led to downfall and destruction of his entire kingdom.

Early LifeEdit

Hamed was born into the long, successful line of the royal family of Agrabah, which spanned back generations and generations. When Hamed was a child he longed for the attention of his parents but alas they were too busy ruling a country and trying to help it's citizens prosper, to pay attention to their son. So they hired a British nanny to watch over their son. The nanny at first tried to help raise Hamed to be a hardworking and educated young man, but after a week grew tired of him and had the local toymaker create Hamed some toys to keep him preoccupied while the nanny would eat the palace's food and nap. Hamed then from a young age grew an unhealthy addiction to toys, for he used toys to fill the gap in his heart where his parents love should've been. As a few years passed, Hamed's parents passed away in a fatal trip to the used Camel sales in which they both at the same time got booted into a bucket of toxic waste someone accidentally left out in the open. So upon a young age, Hamed was forced into the throne. Thus beginning the downfall of a once great nation.

The Sultan's Excellent Judge of Character Edit

The Sultan soon discovered that he had no idea how to rule a country so he decided that he needed to hire a Royal Vizier to help him make decisions and basically live, for he would often forget how to eat. He then held open auditions for Royal Vizier of Agrabah. He had a rather large turn out. Many people who gained fame in the future auditioned, such as Gwonam, Merlin, Waluigi, the fresh fish guy, Osama Bin Laden, and many more. He eventually settled on a tall, dark, and sinister, ugly man known as Jafar. The Sultan was impressed by Jafar's....err....well technically he was hypnotized into hiring Jafar but the point is he hired Jafar as the Royal Vizier.

The Sultan's Later Life and Downfall Edit

The Sultan's Likes and Dislikes Edit


  • Toys!!!
  • Playing with his toys.
  • Collecting toys.
  • Painting portraits of his toys.
  • Smelling toys.
  • Touching toys.
  • Tasting toys.
  • Books about toys.
  • Toy's Story series.
  • Pretending he's a toy.
  • Dr. Steel's World Domination Toys.
  • Taking toys from children that he wishes to own.
  • Avoiding doing any work.
  • The false belief that he is an excellent judge of character.
  • Putting off his daughter's marriage, because he might miss play time with his toys if he has to organize a wedding.
  • His concubines.
  • Watching his subjects starve while he feasts about a ten course meal.
  • How hot his daughter, Jasmine is.


  • When a toy breaks.
  • When a child has a toy that he wants.
  • When Jafar nags him do his job.
  • When one of his concubines has a child and he has to dispose of his bastard son or daughter along with executing the concubine. ((Too much work for the poor Sultan to do))
  • Not being able to bang Jasmine since she's his daughter. ((He does have some morals after all))
  • When Jafar hypnotizes him to do his job.
  • When Prince Achmed waged war against Agrabah because Jasmine attempted to murder him, via tiger.

Trivia Edit

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