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The Soviet Ronalds Are A Group Of People Who Love INSANITY! Their H.Q Is At Ronald McDonald Hell Where They Shoot Big Macs Out Of Their Hands. They Also Love The Barney Bunch. Their catchphrase is "Join the Alliance!"


The Soviet Ronalds used to be a resistance againts the YouTube Poop dictatorship. For years, they had fought against users suchs as ColonelFail, AwesomeSeaCucumber, and The Brat King. Eventually, the left the YouTube Poop Wiki for their own Wiki.

While many members are characters of the wiki, there is memebers who are (or were) users of the YouTube Poop Wiki, the users are still active on Wikia, and usually stick to their own wiki.

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The Most Famous Characters In The Team!


Ronald McDonald (the leader)

King DeDeDe (the 2nd in command)

Wario (the burger eater)

Shy Guy (the awesomeness)

Grimace (who knows what)

Hamburglar (the captain)

Elmo (the retard)

Billy Mays (the handyman)

Godzilla (the giant monster)

Mario Head (the floating head)

Beast Wars Megatron (the yes-man)

Stanley T. Troll (the drug dealer)

Chochodooby (the disturbance)

Hitler,Skodwarde and Dr. Richtofen (the Nazis)


Drew Pickles

The Barney Bunch

The Soviet Yoshi Team


Dr. Robotnik

United WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs of Waluigi

The Brat Family (they are at war)

Mr. Potato Headthumb||

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