The Neurax Worm on a random human brain. Well, it's probably a human's.

The Neurax Worm is a weird orange worm that lives on the brains of people. It is able to manipulate the neurological behavior of humans and force dogs to rub their asses on carpets, hence the name.

The way the Neurax Worm controls human behavior is that it covers the brains of its victims with blinking tendrils, and somehow changes the human behavior. For previously unknown reasons it also gets fat as it does this, but it was recently discovered that the worm turns the brain's neurons into fat cells and then eats those so it can become a fatass.

Believe it or not, it can actually force its victims to worship it. First, by making its victims notice it less. Then, forcing its victims to like it. Then, it makes its victims spread the worm to others out of fake joy. Finally, it makes its victims become willing slaves to it.


Starscream prime

This guy was framed for being the creator of the worm. He's still wanted by the police.


The REAL creator of the worm. This explains why there are no symptoms in cats.

The Neurax Worm is known to be able to infect humans and dogs, but there are also reported symptoms in Mobians, Elves, Ponies, Insects, Mice, and even Toasters.

Symptoms in HumansEdit

Symptoms in humans include the above worshipping process, but aside from that it can also completely screw the mind up by making people go insane, make risky decisions, make extra-retarded choices, hallucinate, go blind, and commit suicide. The Neurax Worm may also turn the brain's neurons into fat cells and then eat those, becoming fatter.

Symptoms in DogsEdit

Aside from rubbing their asses on carpets, infected dogs will also somehow worship the worm. If infected dogs make contact with hippies of any species, dogs will turn into copies of Doge and shoot lasers at hippies, turning them into Toasters that are of the exact opposite sexual orientation they were before being shot by the Laser Doges.

Symptoms in MobiansEdit

The Neurax Worm won't make Mobians change at all, however it will make them drowsy (with insomnia). Aside from this, it can also make Mobians worship it. Unlike what it does to most other infectable species, it cannot go beyond this and will not digest the brain after turning it into fat.

Symptoms in Hyrulians (Elves)Edit

The Neurax Worm will prioritize turning the brains of Elves into fat before eating them. But fortunately, Gandalf is the only elve who can beat the living hell out of the worm even before it begs for its life.

Symptoms in PoniesEdit

Infected Ponies will have intelligence decrease, this resulting in them all becoming something similar to Derpy Hooves. Unlike many other species, it won't turn the brain into fat before digesting it as they are made with Billy Mays' blood.

Symptoms in InsectsEdit

Insects that have the Neurax Worm in their brains will become idiots, similarly to Demons. All symptoms caused in Mobians are also caused in insects, although Insects will grow to massive size when infected. The Neurax Worm will turn the brains of insects into fat and/or digest the brain. Infected Insects will also worship the worm.

Symptoms in MiceEdit

Infected mice will attack uninfected members of other infectable species to spread the infection. If infected mice attack Aliens, then the Aliens attacked will become hippies. However, the brains of mice will be turned into fat and/or eaten.

Symptoms in ToastersEdit

Infected Toasters become an insane species, but aside from this and worshipping the worm there are no symptoms in toasters.

Symptoms in AliensEdit

Infected aliens have the same symptoms as the previous mentioned but instead of having their brains being eaten or turned fat, the aliens will have an increase of brains' size until it explode in them, resulting in a painfully death.

Symptoms in Penguins Edit

Infected penguins are arguably the most dangerous species of all when infected by the Neurax Worm, mostly due to the fact that the symptoms within them are unpredictable and can vary from one penguin to the next. However, there are a few symptoms that all infected penguins undergo, that are now used to easily identify an infected penguin. Infected penguins' insulin production will stop completely, making them become really, really fat. They will become very aggressive and attack anything in sight, even things much larger than themselves. They will also lose all sense of sexual boundaries and commit acts of sexual assault. They will experience an intelligence boost not by a drastic amount, but just enough for them to know how to drive army tanks and use machine guns and stuff like that. And of course, infected penguins will worship the worm. Luckily, infected penguins usually live only for two to three weeks, as this is as long as it takes for their obesity to become fatal. The worm does not eat their brains because they taste like fish, because fish is all the penguins ever eat.

Cure StatusEdit


The cure for humans was solved by Waluigi gave his life to kill the Neurax Worm which infected all the scientists, only to be resurrected by the Great Mighty Poo.


Humans and Mobians were working together to develop the cure for dogs when they got infected by the worm. Somehow, the cure is -69% complete.


Cure research for Mobians has actually be solved. This is thanks to Geoffory's DNA, though maybe it's because the worm has infected all the scientists who now worship the worm.

Hyrulians (Elves)Edit

The Neurax Worm prevented Elves from making the cure by forcing them to attack the Demons, regardless of if they are infected or not. Then, infected dogs come and turn them into Toasters. However, thanks to Gandalf, the cure has been completed.


Due to all the scientists ponies were the first infected, they are too incompetent to develop the cure. Also because Celestia (being the same terrible governor she is) doesn't care about her people but herself. For unknown reasons, Tirek came to Equestria and developed the cure, saving the Ponies only for them to kick him out of Equestria again.


No cure research has commenced. I mean, why would somebody help them to survive?


Mice cannot develop a cure because they're too busy turning Aliens into hippies, allowing the dogs to become Laser Doges and turn the Insects into Toasters with scrambled personalities.


Same as Insects.


The Prophet of Truth who was the first alien victim, was sent to the Area 51 to be painfully experimented by the scientists until he was cured when he was set on fire and put his head in a toilet. However, he was just saved by the urine on the toilet and no one knew from who was the urine while Truth is actually trying to commit suicide.

Penguins Edit

Kowalski, the smartest penguin of all, is currently working on a cure that can grant penguins immunity from the worm. However, Kowalski is only as smart as Troodon, the smartest dinosaur, and all his inventions usually end up destroying the world. Many of his attempts resulted in failed experiments that went on destructive rampages. The cure for penguins is 9.001% complete for some reason, but don't expect it to last.


  • The ability to cause dogs to rub their asses on carpets is a reference to Milez getting the Neurax Worm confused with some sort of Real-life worm that makes dogs rub their asses on carpets.
  • Any species not listed in the symptoms list above can be infected, but it will be an asymptomatic infection. However, Cybertronians are completely immune to the Neurax Worm and cannot be infected.
  • Robots, Demons, and the Undead are also immune to the worm. Examples include Arthur Read (lamentably), Metal Sonic, and Bowser.
  • Cyborg is an exception to this rule as he was only half robot, so he wasn't completely immune. But because he has half robot, he only experienced a common cold and minor migraines. In other words, if an infected is only partially robot it acts like a computer virus and completely screws up all five senses.
  • Painis Cupcake is immune to the Neurax Worm.
  • The North Korean healthcare system (one of the best) believe that Service is a possible cure.
    • However, it isn't. This may be due to the rapidly mutating DNA, or the worm's high resistance to everything.
  • Oddly, the Neurax Worm has dated Rodimus Prime.