The Masked One

"No...It can't be you!"
– Tobuscus

The Masked One is one of the two founders and leaders of the Spinge Squad. Even though Spingebill takes more charge, he's the real threat. He is omniscient (knows everything). Included in this, is everyone strengths and weaknesses. He was the very first villain of YouTube Poop, who later died after being overthrown by Weegee. After that his legend was all but forgotten. Now he's back, and he want's his title again. He resurrects in June 2014 for invasion, currently having immortality.

Character InfoEdit


  • IQ: Infinity, because he knows all.
  • Power Level: 8999.999999... If he took his mask off his power level would be slightly higher
  • Age: ???


  • Himself
  • His power
  • Giygas (stepbrother)
  • Medusa (mother)
  • Freddy Krueger (BFF)


Being UnmaskedEdit

Angered by Dark Tails's death, Tobuscus fought the Masked One. He later defeated him. Then Tobuscus unmasked him then Tobuscus started to step back, pause, and ran away. It was later revealed that the death was faked and TMO was Dark Tails all along.

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