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The King's Epic Adventure Part 3

(June 26, 2009) The second part of The King's Epic Adventure focuses on The King's battle with Ganon (nicknamed "Dieman").


The King and Snake arrive at Ganon's lair, and call Zelda. Back at the castle, Link tries to attack Zelda with a chainsaw, but is interrupted by a cell phone call from The King. He tells Zelda to come and help him, not caring about what could happen to her. To The King's surprise, Zelda appears very quickly and enters Ganon's lair to battle him. Outside, Otacon answers Snake's call and arrives at the scene with a Three Musketeers bar. Meanwhile, Zelda and Ganon engage in idle conversation until Ganon begins to dance to Zelda's ringtone. The King finds an apple tree and swallows a big apple, but spits it out when it comes to life as Applelord, ready to fight him. Snake shoots Applelord with a rocket launcher that The King narrowly avoids. Ganon throws Zelda out of his lair and she retreats.

Ganon attacks The King, and sends numerous monsters after him. The King defeats them all and throws a machine gun at Ganon. Ganon vows his revenge and is trapped inside the Book of Koridai. While the King, Snake, and Otacon are on their way to fight more bosses, Otacon deliberately jumps overboard. Snake reminds the King that they never actually made Ganon eat his shit, and the King is shocked.

Robotnik SegmentEdit

Meanwhile, at Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Scratch and Grounder are reading an Azumanga Daioh comic book while Robotnik finishes his new prison called Robotnik's Beautiful Love Resort. Noticing that Scratch and Grounder are not paying attention, Robotnik decides to read the comic book and sees Yomi in it. Robotnik falls in love with her at first sight and becomes addicted to the series. To Robotnik's surprise, he finds Tomo Takino in the book, and tells Scratch and Grounder that Tomo had become his hitman recently.

Characters AppearingEdit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last episode of the series made entirely with Windows Movie Maker and MS Paint. Soon after, Geibuchan acquired Adobe Premiere Elements 4, and used this to produce The King's Epic Adventure Part 3.
  • The Robotnik segment in Act 2 is notable in that it is presented entirely in comic form. Geibuchan drew the entire comic and animated it, adding dialogue and sound effects.
The King's Epic Adventure 2 Act 206:11

The King's Epic Adventure 2 Act 2

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