The King's Epic Adventure Part 1
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(October 9, 2008) The King's Epic Adventure Part 1 is the first installment of the season. It begins the story with The King and Snake leaving on their quest. Dr. Robotnik and Tomo Takino make their plans.


In Hyrule Castle, The King suggests that everyone should eat his shit for dinner, they grow tired of eating it and refuse. The King then leaves the castle without telling anyone. Link then calls The King, asking him what he's doing, The King tells Link that he is going to make his shit a popular product that everyone all over the world will eat. While traveling, The King gets lost in the desert where he finds Solid Snake. When The King tells Snake of his goal, this makes him very eager to join. The two then embark on their quest.

Robotnik SegmentEdit

Meanwhile, Tomo Takino is called by Dr. Robotnik who was impressed with her previous crimes and wants her to help him capture and kill Sonic the Hedgehog. Robotnik offers her "the biggest reward in history: tyranny, conquest, dictatorship, a tiny sack of dirty gold, a tip, beans, a whole cart of wonderful merchandise, love, an all-expenses-paid adventure holiday for her, a web of gooey gunky cords, a whole army of robots to trample Mobius into submission, tea, something to eat, and ONE BILLION RINGS, ALIVE or otherwise..." Tomo suggests that Robotnik would treat her to a can of juice when Sonic is done for. ("Yes! I said anything!")

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  • Geibuchan, the creator of The King's Epic Adventure, is planning to remake the first episode (using Premiere, not WMM) sometime in 2016.

The King's Epic Adventure 1

The King's Epic Adventure 1