The Idle Hour Club's first owner, Harlequin, when he started the place.

The Idle Hour Club is a comedy club and restaurant previously owned by Harlequin and now owned by an unknown friend of his, possibly believed to be I.M. Meen. The Club was largely popular until the founding of Ganon's Pub and was a hotspot for funny comedy and tasty foods of all kinds.

Under ownership of HarlequinEdit

Harlequin started The Idle Hour Club when he turned 18. It was largely popular and served various foods from all over. The most popular food was a chicken dip-set with bread that you could make your own chicken sandwich with. It is commonly known to be the food keeping the Club up today. He eventually went to serve Ganon and left the club to his unknown friend.


The Club has seen better days. It is now dwarfed by Ganon's Pub and is not nearly as big as it was. Everyone who left for Ganon's Pub says it was because Harlequin left, and because of this and his constant defeats at the hands of Link, Harlequin is thinking of returning permanently to the Club.

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