"Fresh fish! We catch 'em, you buy 'em!"
– Fish Monger

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The only appearance of this mysterious character, who is destined to save all of Hyrule one day.

The only appearance of the fresh fish guy thus far

The only appearance of the fresh fish guy thus far.

The Fresh Fish Guy is a guy who sells fresh fish. He appears in Aladdin, in which he attempts to sell a woman (the princess) fresh fish. The fresh fish guy sadly doesn't appear to have control over the tone of his voice.

Personality and Appearnce

The fresh fish guy is a large, fat man with a beard. He wears stereotypical merchant clothes. The fresh fish guy's main hobby seems to be shouting fresh fish to show off how loud he is and with a secret hope that someone will notice him and buy his fresh fish.

Secret Past

The Fresh Fish Guy was born to a circus clown and professional Cthulhu missionary. The Fresh Fish Guy grew up with a strange fondness/festish for fish, he was so obsessed with fish that he had his name legally changed to fish guy. His parents wanted him to grow up to be a successful door to door chewing gum salesman but he knew that deep down inside he wanted to be a guy who sales fresh fish. His father at first was very disappointed and grounded the fresh fish guy who over 9000 years, but it turns out it was really only five years. The fresh fish guy was so upset over his parents not accepting who he was he ran away and moved to Agrabah, where he then became a fresh fish salesman, he loved every minute of it. His parents then sadly passed away in a fatal chess match. However the spirit of his father visited him and told him he was proud of him and missed him. The fresh fish guy then got a strange call from the king, and they wanted him to be the fresh fish guy at Hyrule, so he packed up his fresh fish and moved to Hyrule.