– The Death King using one of Rasputin's quotes

The Death King

Full Name

The Death King Harkinian








King Harkinian (ex-evil-in-law)


Undead (possibly)

The Death King, or The Death King Harkinian for short, is the new antagonist of YouTube Poop. Whether he is bad varies are different King Harkinian, but his love for dinner is unquestionable as shown in Poops and the games. The Death King are using Rasputin's Voice and Freddy Krueger's Evil Laughing and Screams voices.


The Death King is considered one of the most idiotic but evil characters with the Evil King. The Death King didn't try to make an act of compassion to his friends because he thinks that's retarded and absurd to him. The Death King also likes to play old games from 80's like Pac-man, Sanic, Adventures of Link, Final Fantasy and Metroid. The Death King also doesn't like You, because he thinks You is a waste of space in the universe and he must exterminate him.


In the first video, The King is kidnapped and replaced by a skeleton with King Harkinian appearance called The Death King and tries to kill Link and Gwonam but Link defeat The Death King and save King Harkinian and everybody laughs.

In the second video, The Death King appears trying to buy some food at Gwonam's restaurant and after a discussion The Death King got his soda and krabby pattie and gives Gwonam his money.

In the third video, The Deatk King invades Ganon's Lair and Ganon gets angry for invade his property with light. After a bloody fight between The Death King and Ganon, Ganon got imprisoned again and The Death King won the battle.

In the fourth video, Gwonam notices King Harkinian about The Death King is going to kill him and get revenge for the happened in the first video. Gwonam recruits Mario, Jack Skellington, Moar Krabs, Stickman, Squidward Tentacles, Claude Frollo, Ignignokt and a Dog who looks like a penis but King Harkinian denies their help and search real recruits like Gaston, Weegee and Meatwad. Unfortunately, The Death King kills Harkinian and in the funeral Link and Gwonam forget the King and goes to dinner.

In the fifth video, The Death King goes to vacations to play video games and find Pacman arcade. After a great game, The Death King is trapped by Clyde and loses the game. Then the Death King gets angry and decides to fuck Princess Zelda but he know Ganon kidnapped her again and The Death King goes crap.



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