The Cleveland Show is a TV series created by Seth MacFarlane. It is one of three retarded shows by him, of course though, this is one is better but never picked up unlike the other shows. Most of the viewers considered it an awful show just because it had absolutely nothing to do with this turd and a certain pervert.


The show takes place in a strange neighborhood in a fake place called Stoolbend. It centers around the fatass and lazy cable guy known as Cleveland. His family is disrespectful and idiotic in most cases. There's a talking bear, a redneck, a homo boss, and a migit. Most of the time, they end up drinking in a bar talking shit about their lives. But then again, would you expect much from Seth MacFarlane at the moment?


  • Cleveland Brown - The main character. Fat, lazy, IQ of 1
  • Donna - Smarter than Cleveland, but a greedy bitch
  • Cleveland Jr. - Cleveland's atheist son who is fatter and lazier yet somehow more athletic
  • Roberta - Stick up daughter who takes up prostitution
  • Rollo - The true man of the house but a satanic child


The show ended up doing worse than Family Guy and American Dad somehow. Even Seth MacFarlane stopped voicing after Season 2 (solely because he makes idiotic decisions half of the time). They ended the bullshit and put Cleveland back into Family Guy in a rather stupid way.

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