The Beast
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Alignment Chaotic Evil
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Furry
Gender Male
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Fur Color
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The Beast was a forsaken monster that had brought a plague on a small village by molesting the children in the night. He was Belle's obsessive and abusive captor but, as Di$ney would have you know, a good person on the inside like every other unfavorable spouse.


A long time ago, the Beast was a prince who got pwnd by a fairy for being an insufferable little prick who threw a tantrum because he didn't get a PS3 for Christmas. His only hope of being turned back to old self was to "earn" the love a woman, the fairy not approving homosexuality. He tried several times to capture certain women and make them love him, but they all died of starvation before he could make any progress. He eventually decided that this task was impossible and took it out on his servants who were also punished for their various misdeeds and anyone who dared enter his hovel of neglect. The Beast would also vent his anger by raping and killing middle school children whose bodies could be found in the woods.

The Beast was turned back into human when he fell in love and married Belle. He had a new attitude towards life, being more benevolent and kind to everyone. However, Gaston rose from the dead and beheaded the Beast as he said he would do days before. Since The Beast's head was now human and would not look good in the tavern, Gaston decided to just bludgeon Belle to death with it, but not before forcing her to make him Taco Bell that he had long sought for. Despite this, he was resurrected by a YouTube Pooper called MorimotoYTP. He was later offered KFC in return for money, the prince loved chicken wings but he was deceived for the chicken wings were spoiled and transformed him back into a beast again. This time he had a big penis that he couldn't hide and got mad at those who stared at it, he even wouldn't share his chicken wings with others and he even warned Belle not to eat them which she did anyway. He tried calling KFC but the number was unavailable and vowed that if Belle doesn't eat, she doesn't eat, later he and Gaston had another fight to the death because Gaston wanted Beast's chicken wings but the Beast defeated Gaston once again by sending him falling into the moat bellow. After the battle, Belle and The Beast had a romantic dance but were both killed when Maurice's nuclear missile struck the castle.

He also sued some amusement park for using his name on their roller coaster.