That Guy Who Moves His Head

His eyes are hidden in a dark shadow...

That Guy Who Moves His Head (also known as Epic Head Bobbing Guy or Nilly Willy) is a random character from an Aladdin and Hercules cartoon made by a German studio Dingo Pictures.


He is seen in one of the episodes, in which he's bobbing his head to left and right among the crowd. T.G.W.M.H.H. made his first appearance in YouTube Poop world in deckman92's video "ALADIN BREAKS HIS SUPERFINGER". Some users like Themysteriouspirate or Imaperson use him as a running gag. Whenever he appears on the screen, a short part of a song "Silent Film" by Dog Fashion Disco is played (Dun-du-dun, Dun-du-dun).


Epic Head Bobbing Guy is a really brave guy. He stood against Weegee while having no chance of winning. Despite being weegeefied afterwards, he started bobbing his head again, mocking Weegee. Weegee got furious and obliterated our hero, who achieved moral victory.


  • He is the only person who won a staring duel against Weegee.
  • He was banned from both Agrabah and Thebes for just coming from Dingo Pictures and have now his residence in Austripoff.
  • His special attacks are Head Combo, Multi Headbutt and Music Ear-rape.
  • He was the only non fry cook to burn Minjg with a trumpet (TF2 anyone?)

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