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ThatGuyPoops is a Pooper who is starting to get known on YouTube And With over 20,000 Subscribers, but Has a YTP With Over 360,000 Views And Making Himself Well Known On YouTube.


So far ThatGuyPoops has over 20,000 Subscribers, but has peaked and started to decline.


Video Name Views
Spingebill Goes Into A Horrifying Demension 0ver 130.000 views.
Dying To Lie Over 3.000.000 views
Just One Bitch Over 42.000 views
YTP spingebill and fagtrick dick wrestle at the Olympics Over 200.000 views
Fagtrick's Horrifying Thought Over 160.000 vie
Spingebill's Homosexual Christmas Over 340.000 views
Rigby Plays Slender Over 270.000 views
Can You Suck A Dick? (700 sub special) Over 100.000 views
YTP Spingebill And Fagtrick Rob A Bank (400 sub special) Over 120.000
YTP  Operation Grab Robo (100 sub special) Over 97.000 views
Spingebill Loses His Sense Of Mid (1K sub special) Over 117.000 views

Link to His Youtube Account  Edit

ThatGuyPoops - YouTube

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