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Tails Standard
Miles "Tails" Prower (Power)
Full Name
Background Information
Status Alive
Nationality Canadian
Alignment Neutral (sometimes Evil)
Sexual Orientation Straight (at least he claims to be)
Religion None
Physical Description
Species Mobian
Gender Male
Age 15
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined

Miles "Tails" Prower used to be one of the most feared people in YouTube Poop World. He was an insane serial killer who took after his Uncle Jason. He used to fight for freedom and justice as Sonic the Hedgehog's sidekick on Planet Mobius, then he worked for Morshu in Koridai, until Sonic got Tails back with child services. Tails then snapped and it wasn't long until he transformed. He later turned back, then the Zero Squad (With the help of Dittatore's invention) extracted the psycho Miles Mays personality, and gave it its own form.


Tails was born in the Pinery, Canada at one of the most impossible days (directly behind Yesvember 32, Pottervember 9¾ and other stupid examples). The doctors then had to take a blood test to see if Tails was a boy or a girl. At one years old, he joined Sonic in fighting Dr. Robotnik (despite his brother's warning). He lived his entire life being mistaken for a girl. The only people who knew he was a boy from the start was his brother Comys, ShadowClan's, and Morshu. He later when insane because of Sonic's sexual abuse. After recovery, he went to work for Morshu. It wasn't long after Sonic managed to get Tails back using Child Services. Tails later snapped again and killed Sonic, an even more insane Tails then took after his Uncle Jason, and became a serial killer. Later, Tails returned to normal. However, he was turned into a Mooninite by Ignignokt and Err. Later, ShadowClan's deputy Roboticized him and when he was de-Roboticized he was a fox again. Then he ate Cream the Rabbit and got extremely fat, and he began to have sex with anyone he met... right before eating them.


Unlike most people in the Sonic Franchise, Tails was a Canadian. He had two tails BECAUSE he was Canadian, saying that animals are supposed to have two tails, and that America's so polluted that all the animals have been deformed. Even though retarded Tails thought he was a genius because he was Canadian (he was too retarded to figure out the Canadian stereotypes). Like all Canadians, Tails denied his country during the dark age of Justin Bieber.




What Tails really thinks of Sonic

Sonic's SidekickEdit

Not much is known about Tails before he became Sonic's sidekick, but after he did be became his sidekick, Tails would do all the work that would require thinking (so he would do everything) and Sonic would run around and smash robots. In the end, Tails always stops Dr. Robotnik (their enemy), and Sonic would take all the credit. The only reason why Tails let Sonic get all the credit is because Sonic is abusive and would beat Tails is he trys to take credit.

Creating Dark TailsEdit

After getting sick of Sonic's abuse - Tails started to work with Dr. Robotnik, together they created Dark Tails. Soon they realized they made a mistake, and Tails went to hunt Dark Tails down.

Working for MorshuEdit

Tails now works at Morshu's shop as a shopkeepers assistant. His job is mainly to check the stock, flip off anyone who doesn't have enough rupees, do math to see what's the best price for the objects-then triple it, and to beat up shoplifters. Once Sonic shoplifted at Morshu's shop, and Tails had to fight him. Sonic was victorious, but he wished he lost when Morshu sat on him. Sonic was then in the hospital for two years.

Helping The Mewtwo SquadEdit

During Chapter 5 of the War of the Squads. Tails decided to join up with his (no longer evil) clone Dark Tails so that he can fight Weegee. Morshu allowed this and put him on a paid break.

Being returned to SonicEdit

Sonic then tricked child services into bringing Tails back. Sonic then beaten Tails for trying to escape.

Psycho KillerEdit

Tails eventually had enough of Sonic, without Dr. Robotnik's help (he died), Tails turned completely Psycho. He then took after his Uncle Jason and killed Sonic, he is now the most feared character in YouTube Poop World. He then started to go by his birth name: Miles Mays.

Partial Recovery & Love (sort of)Edit

Tails eventually (partly) recovered from his insanity. The partial part is there because he then payed Dr. Weird to make a female clone of him, which Dr. Weird gladly did. Dr. Weird soon named Tails' clone the best girl name he knew - Bob. Tails then re-named his clone Tailsko.

Tails then married his clone, because that is the only sane thing to do. What followed was a night of angry sex. Well, it's still a better love story then Twilight.


After his father died, Tails inherited his fortune. Tails then became the richest man alive, which he still is today.


  • Tails' was also proclaimed vice-president in Mushroom Kingdom by the King Luigi, since both are abused by their superiors.


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