T.D Squad (Tirek Devil Squad) was an evil organization with just one objective in his creation, Destroy the UMA and gets revenge of Skodwarde's Death, Now with new members and old members, it's now a dangerous and sadic group that will not be stopped until he reaches his goal. After Tirek was Rejected and Giywardeaugh was killed, the things changes in the group, now with Mewtwo like the leader with new good goals.


Before Skodwarde's Death, Lord Tirek had the dream to become a member of The UMA, But he was rejected by his bad attitude, making Tirek fall in a hole of tears.

After Skodwarde's Death, Giygas Jr. hears about his cousin was killed by his enemies, While, Tirek is planning a new group of evil bastards with the objective to avenge Skodwarde and put end to Dark Tails and The UMA.

Tirek with the help of Giygas Jr. is gonna get his revenge now with his new dangerous powers.


Operation R.E.V.E.N.G.EEdit

One day, Tirek full of fury cause he was rejected of The Uma, he tells to Giygas Jr. a plan that consists in form a new group with the objective of destroy The Uma and clean the name of Skodwarde, Giygas Jr. then agreed.

Giygas Jr. plains his first attack injuring Waweegee (One of The Uma members and Weegee's Cousin) and now begin a new epic battle to Dark Tails and The Uma.

Death Squad Strikes BackEdit

One day, Tails Doll was killed by Walleo and in other day Giygas Jr. was killed by Waweegee, this notice causes Tirek was nervous of the Death Squad but later he got a new plan of Fizzy Walnuts of Skodwarde and Pranktin.


Tirek orders to Fizzy Walnuts and Colress resurrects the 3 souls of Giygas, DEUUEAUGH Fish and Skodwarde in the Devil Machine. Fizzy resurrected one member, Pranktin, by combining the souls of Giygas and two other members. This resulted in the creation of an unbeatable satanic demon whose name was Giywardeaugh, making a second war a likely possibility.

Peace with the Death SquadEdit

After Giywardeaugh death, Mewtwo becomes the new leader and now with good goals, The T.D Squad is now Death Squad Partner.


Honorable MembersEdit

  • Giygas (Deceased and was sent to hell, but he got destroys Dark Mercury and Resurrected)

Rejected or Killed membersEdit


Mewtwo later sent forces to capture and kill Dark Tails who made an agreement with Da-Da, Dark Tails will not kill Da-Da and work as Da-Da's assassin and Da-Da will let Dark Tails into the dream world. Dark Tails then entered the dream world, never to return. With that the Spinge Squad, the T.D Squad, and the Death Squad all declared him dead. Two months later they all entered peace and merged into one squad - the Mewtwo Squad.

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