Sun of Teletubbyland
The Sun






195 dB


Dead (bombed by Morshu)

The Sun of Teletubbyland is the loudest and most annoying sun in Teletubbyland. Its cry is so loud that it can blow up your eardrums. It is also Giygas' friend.

Origin Edit

The sun was found out about on March 31, 1997 by teletubbies Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po. Po's eardrums ruptured and she died when the sun cried. The rest of the teletubbies didn't knew what to do put to go home and get and snort cocaine from Noo-noo.

Later, Mario secondly found the sun out about and tried to kill it, but the sun was immortal, it couldn't die. (unfinished).


The sun died when Morshu went to his lair and bombed it to death. Morshu then buried the sun and danced like a jackass on his grave while Robotnik was taking a handful of Rosebud Frozen Peas.

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