YTPMV - "I'll Grab My Stuff!"01:11

YTPMV - "I'll Grab My Stuff!"

Stuff is a collection of various objects that Link keeps in places unknown. His stuff includes a bow, bombs, a hookshot, blonde hair dye, Navi, rupees, and all other things he actually needs. Link planned to take 10 seconds and grab the previously listed to take along with him, but Gwonam insisted that all he needed was his sword; a blatant lie.

Stuff todayEdit

Stuff to day range from things that are required to live (Ex. iPhones), and random bullshit (Ex. food). Unlike the time of Link were stuff was needed, today it is abused and used for evil like facebook. Dispite it, mac users some people tend to use maturely and resoncible, and use stuff to it's full potential.

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