Stuart Betchfist was a YouTube Poop/TTS Comedy creator, active from February 25, 2014 to July 22, 2014. Most of his videos were YouTube Poop parodies of episodes of Blue's Clues, while two were episodes of a new TTS Comedy series, Pointless Windows Errors (as read by Microsoft Sam).

Personality Edit

Stuart is also known for his love of a Blue's Clues character called Periwinkle, whom he had made a couple of hashtags for in his YTPs. He is also known for his love of Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea. Stuart is, like other YouTube Poopers, especially into "weed culture" (e.g. 4/20, 710 [OIL upside down]).

Stuart's Youtube History Edit

Stuart originally used his account to like and comment on videos, until July 8, when he posted his first ever YTP, A Bad Attempt at Hipsterism. His last YTP was posted on July 21, called Blue Celebrates 4/20 at a Pizzeria.

Over those two weeks, Stuart made his YTPs with VideoPad Video Editor, then transitioned to a trial version of Sony Vegas 13 for his 8th YTP (and his last, as said earlier).

Stuart also used VideoPad for his two TTS Comedy videos.

Stuart's Videos Edit

1. A Bad Attempt at Hipsterism (7/9/14)

2. Periwinkle needs your help (7/9/14)

3. Periwinkle gains copyright to a movie and remakes it with Iggy Azalea (7/10/14)

4. The Worst Episode of Blue's Clues (7/13/14)

5. But first... let Joe take a selfie (7/16/14)

6. Joe Wants You to Get on his Boaob (7/16/14)

7. Blue Develops Sensory Overload from a Cardboard Box (7/17/14)

8. Blue Celebrates 4/20 at a Pizzeria (7/21/14) *NOTE: The episode that Stuart was pooping was "Blue's School", episode 20 of season 4, so that's where Stuart came up with the title of the poop.*

After Stuart's deactivation Edit

His account is reactivated, but he may not use it for YTPs for a while.

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